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The ARTIK 4 was designed to understand pilots need; the Artik 4 will help you discover extraordinary piloting sensations and stressless soaring in maximum comfort during extended flights. That is why Niviuk have worked on making the handling easier and heighten the performance while keeping safety the top priority.The first thing you will notice under the Artik 4 is the softer inflation followed by the capacity for the glider to take off serenely. The profile has also been modified and includes the RAM Air Intake technology to keep the glider steady in any situation. Additionally, it transmits clear information to the pilot to let him focus on the pleasure of flying.

BGD Tala
TARGET The Tala is for pilots looking for an EN-C rated, accessible, high performance wing. The Tala is good all round wing that performs well in serial competitions and hike and flying.

The new UP Flagship is the Trango XC². Designed for the classical EN D pilot, the new wing has nonetheless passed the EN homologation with the letter C, making it an extraordinarily attractive choice...