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A wing with performance at the highest professional level and at the same time, an accessibility and comfort that recreational pilots will fall in love with.

UP K2 3
The predecessor, our K22, was often described by experienced tandem pilots as the most versatile, fun and lively tandem wing on the market; we know of several professional tandem pilots who would take it out for acro sessions with their friends to wind down after a long day of taking paying passengers up

BGD Dual
The Dual is designed for commercial pilots who use the glider as a tool to give the paragliding experience to their passengers, but also for hobby tandem pilots the Dual fits simply perfect. We think paragliding provides great feelings of flight; this glider is designed to share them with others. The Dual is for the pilot that wants a wing that will handle like their solo wing and launch and land easily.

BGD Dual Lite
If you have a lightweight tent (for two), two -10 degree sleeping bags, a gas burner, a couple of reversible harnesses, a GPS tracker and two flexible jobs, the Dual LITE is for you. The Dual LITE is designed specifically for adventurous teams. Its performance, safety, and weight have been optimised for long vol-bivouac flights and hike-and-fly.

Flow Panorama
The Flow PANORAMA is our EN B rated tandem paraglider. A glider made to share the stoke and freedom paragliding often delivers. With that in mind Panorama will help you take your flight companion to that once