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The ALL NEW PEAK 2 is not simply an update of the original PEAK, it is a totally new glider designed and created using the unique Niviuk philosophy and from a clean drawing board. With a new highly...

Most paraglider manufacturers are able to build an LTF D wing that goes well in a straight line - but for UP International. that could never be enough! Ever since the first Trango model was...

Air Design PURE
It is a real 3-line wing made exclusively of race lines. Nylon wires are incorporated in the leading-edge and the back of ribs to optimise airflow in these critical areas. New design features have allowed us to develop an exceptionally safe wing, with improved stability, even in turbulence. The design of the PURE incorporates stiffer sections in the front and back of the wing which increase stability. The PURE absorbs even strong turbulence when accelerated but in the event of a collapse the wing is easy to control.