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Air Design VITA
The VITA is designed for pilots who want good performance with the highest standard of safety. The VITA makes it easy to progress and to do your first XC-flights. In turbulent air the VITA remains solid and very forgiving. From the first flight on, the VITA delivers long-lasting satisfaction and confidence.

Makalu 3
The MakaluĀ³ follows the trend towards total ease of use in all aspects. It is incredibly simple to launch, fly and land, it carries absolutely no hidden quirks that will surprise you when you least expect it, and it is even light on your back!

The RISE is probably the most technically advanced paraglider in the EN-B class. The RISE is based on the profile of the competition-winning PURE and brings the characteristics of excellent performance, ease of flying and impressive passive safety into the EN-B class, at a level that rises above normal expectations.

BGD Wasp
The Wasp is designed for the pilot who wants to continue to progress after leaving flight school or the recreational pilot looking for a safe reliable wing that uses the latest technology.

UP Summit XC3
The EN B class is turning into the widest paraglider class there is, spanning the whole range from straight-out-of-school wings like the Makalu Series, over friendly performance wings like the Kantega Series, to all-out XC machines. The new UP Summit XC3, UP's fourth current wing in the EN B class, is intended for cross country pilots who just cannot get enough performance from their EN B wing. - the Summit XC3 has the oomph, and an even more impressive glide angle, in spite of having inherited much of the relaxed feel pilots have come to appreciate in the Kantega XC2.

The wings piloting characteristics and its high performance enhance the learning experience of the pilot.You are in charge of setting the pace, at your own rhythm choosing an exhilarating experience or a peaceful scenic flight.

Thoroughbred heritage The new Kantega XC is the latest branch on the new UP family tree that started with the Trango 3 and was followed by the Summit XC. It uses the same Hybrid Synergy Airfoil as...