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BGD Adam
The Adam is an EN/LTF-A certified wing, designed for beginners or leisure pilots. Durable Dominico D30 tissue constructs 34 enhanced clean cells into a safe, 4.8kg paraglider. BGD Designs believes in smooth panels and uncorrupted ribs bring stability to paragliders, that

U-Turn Bodyguard 3
SAFETY AND PERFROMANCE Tuningen. The concept of the BODYGUARD of U-Turn stands for a lot of flight fun on a very high safety level. Now The Bodyguard 3 is available which combines the automatic flight stabilization AFS with the PPN system and pushes the design level one step further

U-Turn Emotion 2
Enjoy large security reserves combined with perfect flight fun - with this promise the EMOTION of U-Turn convinced innumerable pilots. Now the EMOTION 2 is available with new features and a world novelty: The Launch control (LC)! In the range of the safe class A of U-Turn, which the system for automatic flight stabilization (AFS) possess all, the EMOTION 2 is placed in the middle between the good-natured BODYGUARD 3 and the quite sporty INFINITY 3

At Niviuk we know and understand that choosing your very first glider is an important decision and because we genuinely want you to love and enjoy this sport as much as we do ourselves, we have...

An UP LTF 1 wing must satisfy a wide range of criteria in order to be approved, both by ourselves and by the certifying bodies. On one hand it should be perfectly suited for learning on, and for...