How to Choose a School
Choose a school with a good history!
Lift students are treated with respect, never belittled, and never yelled at.  We want you to have a good time while you are fulfilling your flying dreams. Producing safe knowledgable pilots is our goal.
Maximize your time spent training!
Lift shows up at training hill before and leave s long after our students. Lessons go on as long as weather and your body allows. Lift is usually the last to leave the training hill.
Confirm continuing education and support!
Continuing education and support is a big factor in being a pilot. We build relations with our students and encourage joining in on flying trips, clinics, staying current on training hill long after you’ve received your Novice Paragliding Rating. Wonce a Lift student always a Lift student.  We offer free P3, and P4 certification for all our students. Schools with a reputation for giving high quality instruction, and more importantly continued instruction and support should be the school you choose. These schools don’t play the low ball pricing game to get your business. These schools get business through word of mouth from pilots who fly in the community.  Ask pilots at the local flying sites who are the right school for you.
Find a school that operates year round!
Lift operates year around either in the bay area or on a Paragliding Tour.  Our training hill has consistently good weather year around and with a paved road from launch to landing zone.
Travel to get the best training!
If coming in from out of town we offer shuttles to and from airports, hotels, or train stations for small fee. All airports are about same distant from training hill and Motels within a couple miles.
Does the school offer many brands?
Lift Paragliding is blessed to sale many different Paraglider  and harness brands. This ables us to get you on the wing that best suits you and a harness that best fits your body. We also always have a selection of used gear.
Research special discounted equipment packages!

Lift offers all students looking to invest in new gear with a discounted gear package. Within the first three lessons you will get a $1,000 off a basic setup which includes: Wing, harness, reserve, hook knife, helmet, 2-meter radio and radio harness. We offer discounted prices for all gear to all of our students. We do not sell gear to other instructors students or pilots that we don't know or flown with.

"I am a retired Marine F/A-18 pilot and current Airline Pilot. I am also a Hang III, skydiver, and have owned and flown 2 PPG, but I never got my USHPA Paragliding rating. I had a longer layover in SFO and decided to see if I could coordinate a lesson while in town. I called several Paragliding schools but was only able to reach Lift Paragliding and Jesse Meyer. I explained my background and my desire to spend the day flying. Jesse coordinated everything for me including a pick up and a ride to the training site! Jesse had another student and fit me in with him. Jesse Meyer turned out to be one of the best instructors I have worked with. He taught to both of us but focused on the needs and experience of each student in a way that he was able to get the most out of both of us. His teaching manner is fun, his knowledge is excellent, and he impressed me all day with his technique and ability to make to most out of the day! I give Jesse my highest recommendation! He is the kind of instructor you run across once or twice in a flying career. The kind of guy that you will always go back to for advice and guidance, and when you want to really have fun learning to fly! If you are in the San Francisco bay area and want to make the most of your time there call Lift Paragliding for an experience you won't forget."

Billy Wilson

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